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About MRI Procedures

Imaging Central's Open MRI“MRI” or Magnetic Resonance Imaging is advanced technology that provides high resolution images of the body without the radiation associated with general x-rays. It can help your doctor determine a quick and accurate diagnosis, and in some cases, eliminate the need for more expensive testing and exploratory surgery. Images generated by magnetic resonance are very detailed and of high quality.

Open MRI is safe, non-invasive, and uses no radiation. In many cases, MRI can reduce medical expenses by alleviating the necessity of numerous other studies. MRI is especially suited for detecting disorders that increase fluid in diseased areas of the body such as areas affected by infection, inflammation and tumor. The differentiation of diseased tissue from healthy tissue is much easier with MRI than with other imaging modalities such as X-ray, Cat Scan and Ultrasound.

Patients who have pacemakers, cochlear implants and neurostimulators cannot have MRI. You will be asked screening questions before your exam to ensure your safety.


Our Technologists are registered and MRI certified. They’re here to ensure that your exam goes as smoothly as possible and you are comfortable throughout the entire procedure, most lasting 45 minutes to 1 hour. There are no dietary restrictions for MRI, you can eat, drink and take medications as you normally would prior to the exam.

Our patient friendly scanner allows you to relax, and is absolutely painless. While lying as still as possible during the scan our music, or your own, will play for your enjoyment. If you would like, a close friend or family member may remain with you throughout the entire procedure. Many of our patients just fall asleep.

On the day of your exam simply proceed with your daily routine, wear comfortable clothing that is metal free, and continue taking any medication as prescribed, unless directed otherwise by your physician. Arrive at our center 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.


Before you enter the scan room, you will be asked to remove coins, hair pins, keys, credit cards, billfolds, watches, glasses and any other metal objects, your valuables will be locked in a locker. Additionally, you may be asked to remove dentures, hearing aids, and change into scrubs to avoid interference from zippers or belt buckles. In certain instances, your physician may order a special contrast agent to be administered to enhance the study. If you are 60 years old and over or a diabetic, you will need lab work, specific to a CREAT blood draw. Otherwise no extra precautions are necessary.


You will leave our office with a CD of your exam. You may resume your everyday activities as normal. Your study will be interpreted by Toledo Radiological Associates radiologists, and a report sent to your referring physician within 24 hours. Your physician will review the results and then discuss the results with you and answer any questions you may have about your report.

Helpful information may be found at www.radiologyinfo.org