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PET Brain Imaging Patient Instructions

Upon Arrival at Imaging Central

  • The patient’s medical history and any prior PET exams will be reviewed.
  • The patient’s blood sugar will be checked.
  • An imaging tracer called Fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) is administered by way of injection.
  • A brief resting period is required before the scanning begins. (Typically 1 hour) This resting period is necessary for the FDG to be distributed to the brain.

At the Time of PET Scanning

  • The patient is positioned on the scan table.
  • The table is moved into a large opening in the PET scanner.
  • The patient is asked to lie still while the PET scanner acquires the images.
  • The time of the scan varies, but will typically range from 8-10 minutes.
  • Please note that this procedure takes approximately 1 ½ hours in total duration.

Patient Preparation

  • ALL anti-anxiety or nerve meds (ex. Valium, Ativan, Xanax, etc?) , if necessary, should not be taken until the technologist gives permission. Contact your doctor if you need a prescription for this.
  • Patient must fast 6 hrs before exam. Other medications can be taken with water.


  • The exam is analyzed using state of the art brain software. The results are then faxed and mailed to your physician as soon as they are available.

Does My Insurance Provide Coverage for a PET/CT Scan?

  • Medicare has approved this test to be done twice, once to make a diagnosis and once more after medication has been taken for several months.
  • Most insurance companies will follow Medicare guidelines.
  • Imaging Central will be happy to obtain authorization for a PET/CT scan for you (as long as insurance allows).